Recipe Wizard for the Masses


2nd Recipe Wizard Page

The display of the second Recipe Wizard page will vary based on your selection on the previous page. In this example, we selected to match on the From: header. If you wanted to catch mail in which the From: header contains you would enter

You can enter multiple words or phrases each on its own line. Procmail will consider the condition matched if any of your entries match. For example, you could enter the following four lines:
John Doe

2nd Recipe Wizard Page

As described on the first Recipe Wizard page you have the option of adding additional conditions. If this is the last (or only) condition you want add to this recipe, leave No additional conditions selected. Otherwise select This condition AND another condition or This condition OR another condition. In our example, we only want one condition.

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This is a basic overview, download RW4M for detailed information and examples.