Recipe Wizard for the Masses


Setting up procmail filtering

RW4M includes an Initial Setup Wizard to help you setup procmail filtering at your ISP (Internet Service Provider). It will not work with every ISP. The Initial Setup Wizard will work with some common setups, but if it fails it will delete any files that were uploaded to your ISP.

Below is a list of information that you'll need to gather before running the Initial Setup Wizard:

  • Is procmail installed at your ISP?
  • Do you need a .forward or .qmail file? (or perhaps neither)
  • What is the suggested format for the .forward or .qmail file?
  • What is the FTP hostname of your ISP? (typically similar to

If you don't know the answers to those questions, ask your ISP. Alternatively, the RW4M help file contains some tips that may help you, download RW4M now. RW4M includes some common .forward and .qmail formats but if your ISP recommends a specific format, use that.