Recipe Wizard for the Masses


Pending Files Dialog

RW4M will prompt you to upload files to your ISP when appropriate. For example, if you create a new procmail recipe using the Recipe Wizard, RW4M will prompt you with this dialog (after allowing you the opportunity to reposition the recipe using the Position/Edit Recipes Dialog).

Simply hit the "Send Files Now" button and your new recipe will be uploaded to your ISP.

Pending Files Dialog

There are a number of instances when RW4M will prompt you with this dialog, in every case you should simply hit the "Send Files Now" button.

Some examples when this dialog will be displayed:
  • When you create a new recipe using the Recipe Wizard.
  • When you use the Position/Edit Recipes Dialog to change the order of your recipes, edit a recipe using the Recipe Wizard, or enable/disable/delete a recipe.
  • When you use the Settings Dialog to modify .procmailrc, .forward, or .qmail settings.
  • When you create or modify the backup or vacation recipes.

This is a basic overview, download RW4M for more detailed information.