Recipe Wizard for the Masses


Advanced User Features

RW4M began in 1999 as a program for my private use and didn't have a Recipe Wizard until much later. What I wanted (and created in RW4M):

  • A plain text editor that would start with my .procmailrc and recipe files open for editing. You can specify which files you want opened at startup.
  • The ability to quickly comment (or uncomment) a block of text. To do so, highlight the text and hit the comment/uncomment button (or select Edit, comment/uncomment). Each line will be commented (or uncommented).
  • When manually editing a recipe file, the ability to quickly jump to a recipe. The toolbar contains a combobox which contains a list of recipes in the active file. Clicking on the name in the combobox takes you to that recipe. An example screenshot:

    Toolbar combobox

  • The ability to upload and download a custom file with the touch of a button. You can create custom menu and toolbar items to perform those functions. The screenshot above shows custom toolbar buttons (the buttons on either side of the combobox are custom entries).
  • Download (and delete from the remote host) the log using one button; sort and display it in an easier to read format, e.g. any mail sent to /dev/null highlighted in a custom color. Click here for a screenshot and more information.

For more details, download RW4M.